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College Students Reportedly Lure Dog to Its Death

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A group of students reportedly lured a dog to its death intentionally. They tossed the ball across a busy road, knowing that the animal would run after it.

A college in Ireland is currently investigating a troubling incident. Authorities at the University of Limerick claimed that a group of students lured a dog to its death intentionally.

A nearby resident on College Court Drive spoke about the act claiming that a group of drunken college goers had gathered on property, located near a busy road. A small dog was attracted to the crowd and joined them out of curiosity.

The students decided to play a game with the innocent canine. They purposely waited until a van was driving down the street. Then they tossed the ball across the road, knowing that the dog would run after it.

Sadly the pooch did just that. The animal was struck by the van and killed.

To make the situation even more atrocious, the students were laughing after the dog was hit. A petition has been signed seeking punishment for those responsible.

How do you think the students should be disciplined? Should they be suspended from the University?

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